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Contributing to sustainable development is an integral part of the way Synergy Additives do business. By integrating strategic sustainable practices with our customer goals, Synergy team will be able to anticipate how changing needs may impact our operations and how innovative additive solutions can create new opportunities for growth within our portfolio. For Synergy, ~sustainable Innovation~ is the combination of technology and attitude within our system. 

Synergy Additives are fully conscious of the need to preserve our natural heritage for the benefit of our future generations. In line with our firm emphasis on promoting a cleaner and greener environment, our group is fully committed to the development of environment friendly products and processes for the betterment of mankind.

We are continuously engaged in developing additives which can be used to enhance the functional properties of recycled polymers. We have established many high level technical projects to address the problems of waste utilization and the impact of our products on the environment.